Our adult dogs are health tested prior to entering our breeding program. Our breeding dogs are bred from age 2 to 6 yrs old and at 6 yrs old we retire them and try to find them good homes or they stay on at the farm as pets. If you are interested in an older adult please look under the available adults tab and contact us.

Our puppies are vet checked, and receive their first vaccination prior to going home. We also deworm them at 4, 6, and 8 weeks.

Occasionally things do arise, that are beyond our control, but we do our very best to ensure you a healthy puppy.

Click here for a copy of our health guarantee. We stand behind all our puppies we produce.


All of our dogs are fed a diet of raw meat and Kibble. The puppies are fed Pawtree dog food and meat. We do not suggest that you change their food right away because it will upset their stomach. We suggest that you feed as much raw meat as possible to maintain a healthy species appropriate diet.

Please contact us with any questions are concerns you may have. We are always very happy to answer questions and talk with you.

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