Jax and his proud owners Charlie & Jan

This is Jax; he is a handsome 5 month old GS. We adopted him from Creekwood Acres when he was 8 weeks old and he has been an important part of our household since. Jax is energetic, loyal and sometimes cooperative. He is in basic obedience class where he is learning good manners. Jax loves visitors who come to the house and has made friends with the UPS delivery man who has a GS at his house.

Pedersen Family

Berlin is our 10 month old love bug, but natural protector at that. She came from Creekwood Acres and we certainly made the right decision. Berlin has a natural instinct to protect us and certainly shows it when unknown people are around. The ringing of door bells, to noises in the house, which ever it may be she is the first to respond. We took your advice and are getting her evaluated with Andy whom you suggested on your website. She will be tested for agility, protection and possible future military bomb searches. She is smart, funny, fun and loveable, but I can say you don’t want to be a stranger in our neighborhood as she is very protective of “her” home!! She loves our children and anytime any of us are approached she takes the time to sit in front of us the entire time at attention until the conversation has come to an end. Thank you for such a great dog!!!